Apple Wong Hiu Fung Debut Solo Exhibition- Talking To Myself

My very first solo exhibition @ Hong Kong

092014_Apple Wong Hiu Fung Solo Exhibition- Talking To Myself 黃曉楓個展﹣自言自語

Apple Wong Hiu Fung Solo Exhibition- Talking To Myself

|Opening|25/9/2014(Thursdat) 18:00-21:00
|Exhibition period|26/9 – 16/10/2014 (Every Wed-Sat 13:00-18:00)
|Venue|A-Gallery (Storage A, Cockloft, No.2-4, Mee Lun Street, Central, Hong Kong)

“Talking to Myself”

Solo Exhibition “Talking to Myself” is the artist’s “past” and “present” in a dialogue. “Past” creates “Present” which is a rule of life. But what if the “Present” version of you runs into the “Past”? “Past” and “Present” both simultaneously appear in the exhibition; the artist, Wong Hiu Fung, Apple re-creates her “past”. The familiarity and strangeness create a chemical reaction during the creative process; emotional conflicts arising behind the creation become an interesting conversation between her “Past” and “Present”.
“Human being” is the center of my art practice. We seemingly are living together, but actually we live in an individual way with our own world of thoughts, emotion and relationship with other people. Wong thinks these are the most beautiful and unique part of human life. Thoughts, emotion and relationship are very abstract thing, which couldn’t be seen, or touch; they appear in a very private way that we could only understand them by ourselves. Through creating artwork in different media, the artist keeps trying to explore the private part of our soul. Artworks in “Talking to Myself”, exploring of human being with associated meanings, in the hope of viewers will reflect themselves of how beautiful they are.


是次展覽「自言自語」是藝術家 – 黃曉楓的「過去」與「現在」的一場對話。過去造就成今天是生命的法則,假若今天的自己遇上過去的自己會產生什麼碰撞呢?展覽中,「過去」和「現在」同時出 現,藝術家從新面對「過去」的自己。在創作過程中,熟悉感和陌生感交加,所產生的矛盾是創作背後的情感,亦是藝術家與自我之間的一場對話。
「人」是黃曉楓的藝術實踐的主旨。我們「似乎」都生活在一起,但實際上,我們一直以自身的想法、情感和人際關係來生活著。黃認為這些都是我們生活中最美 麗,最獨特的部分。思想、情感和關係都是很抽象的,它們以很私密的方式出現,我們感知,意會,但不能被看到或被觸摸到的。通過不同媒體的藝術創作,藝術家 一直在努力探索我們靈魂的私處。這些藝術作品探索人類與相關的含義,希望能映出觀者他們自己多麼美麗的一面。


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